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How To Use Instagram’s New Polling Feature To Take An Instant Pulse Of Your Community

Instagram recently rolled out a new feature that allows you to poll followers in your story. Prepare a post for your story just like you would normally. When ready place the new polling sticker anywhere on your post. From there you can customize the question and answers. Once you post to your story you can begin collecting answers. To view your answers simply swipe up to view the viewers list on that part of your story. You’ll be able to see live results and who voted for which option.

This feature is fantastic to get a quick pulse from your residents and followers outside of a formal survey. Use it to poll on things like what event to have, what kind of coffee they want to see in the coffee machine, preferences in upgraded vs standard units, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Want to learn more about this new feature? Click HERE to find Instagram’s official press release.

Make A Custom Snapchat Filter For Your Next Event For $5

When looking at social media marketing the best thing we can ever do is to get residents and prospects to post positive things about us on social media. Many times we focus too much on what we are posting on our business accounts and not enough on how to get others to post about us. A post of a resident enjoying an excellent event at our community is 10 times more powerful than us posting that same event. Why? Multiple reasons.

First, a resident has friends following their social channels that are likely in our target demographic but aren’t following our business social accounts. This distributes information (even if it is a small amount) about our community to a set of eyes we can’t reach on our accounts.

Second, people generally care a lot more about what their friends post than what our business posts.

Third, and most importantly, consumers are 92% more likely to trust their peers over advertising. So they are more likely to believe that your community is a great place to live by seeing their friends’ social media posts than our social media channels saying “we’re the best place to live”.

So how do you get residents and prospects to post about your community? While there are a lot of ways but one of the easiest and most relevant ways is using geo-location Snapchat filters! Create a Snapchat filter for your next event and you’re likely to see a bunch of uses on arguably the most important social medium. Not a graphic designer? That’s OK! Pepper Filters lets you create well designed and cool Snapchat filters for only $5! Every event budget can afford that!

Remember, your event needs to be a fantastic experience as well or you won’t have attendees or people wanting to document your event!

Need help uploading your super cool Pepper Filter? Ask your PSM and they can get you the resources to get your filter live! Just remember, the filter process can take a few days!

Live Social Media Feeds

The most important thing you can do on social media is encourage residents and prospects to post about your community.  This is no easy task.  One way to encourage people to post about your community is through a live social media feed.  This feed can be setup to display photos and videos that are posted on social media with a certain hashtag.

Display this live feed at a large scale event and offer prizes for those that post with your hashtag.  The combination of the prize and seeing their photos displayed at the event should net you some great content!  Another idea is to have this feed displayed on your lobby TVs.  Your residents will want to see their photos up there!

So you are wondering if you can approve what goes up on the feed aren’t you?  The answer is yes!  There are options to require your approval before the post is pushed to the feed and/or you can retroactively remove any posts you do not want displayed.

So you’re ready to start your live feed?  Below are two great resources! If you have any questions or want help setting these up, don’t hesitate to contact the marketing team!