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The Best Floats to Add to Your Next Pool Party

Summer is right around the corner and with that comes pool parties! So we put together a list of the 11 coolest pool inflatables to add to your next pool party

1. Giant Inflat-A-Bull

Be brave and experience bull-riding on the edge.

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2. 7′ Unicorn Sprinkler

The most magical way to cool off when the temps start to rise.

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3. Pizza Slices Inflatables

The ultimate pizza for the ultimate pool party.

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4. Giant Flamingo

Grab your friends and get some sun in this awesome float.

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5. Donut Say No to This Pool Float

Because you can’t go wrong with a giant donut.

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6. Water Wheel

Ever wanted to see what it’s like on a hamster wheel? Now’s your chance.

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7. Pineapple Inflatable Cooler

Keep your drinks cool without ever leaving the pool.

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8. Rosé Floaté

Why not Rosé all day with this pool float.

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9. Mermaid Tail

Don’t you want to Gram yourself as a Mermaid?

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10. Pink Convertable Float

Arrive to the pool in style in this retro pink convertible float. Let’s go over the specs of this ride: Queen sized daybed for 2, massive front cooler for ice, drinks, or your speaker, dual cup holders, and each float purchased from this site provides one person a year of clean drinking water!!

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11. Yacht Float

“Everybody look at me, ’cause I’m sailing on a boat!”

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You can’t buy this pre-made but man would it be fun!  Battleship Beer Pong! Tape 3 pool noodles together to create a large ring, like THIS. Then fill the ring with drink floaties like THIS. When someone makes a cup in a floatie remove that floatie! There are probably one hundred other ways you could DIY a similar concept! Get creative!

Image result for battleship beer pong