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Give & Get Holiday Party Idea

Are you and your residents in the mood to give back this holiday season? We’ve got the perfect event idea for you. This holiday season focus on not only getting but GIVING as well. So, how about hosting a party where you can do both!

A Give & Get Party is a simple and fun way to engage your residents, while also giving back to the community around you.


Reach out to residents and ask if they have any toy drives like charities they would like to focus on this holiday season. You could do this as a poll in your “The People of [community name]” Pages. Once you have picked a charity, reach out to that charity to let them know about your plan to donate and see if they want to become more involved in the event. Host an entertaining, lively party with a focus on that charity, encouraging residents to bring a gift for a toy drive.


At the party, have a white elephant gift exchange for those who took part in the toy drive, OR send those residents home with a fun gift in return for participating in the joyous season of giving.

10 Holiday Drinks You Need to Make

Get ready to sleigh your holiday party! Skip the boring hot chocolate and apple cider at this year’s party and indulge in some fun boozy holiday drinks like Christmosas, Jingle Juice, and More!

Check out some recipes below!

Mocha Mudslide Hot Chocolate 

You really don’t want to miss out on this rich and creamy hot cocoa!

Santa Clausmopolitans

Santa Clausmopolitan

All of the presents are wrapped and now it’s time for a Santa Clausmopolitan.

Jingle Juice


Jingle all the way with some delicious Jingle Juice.

White Christmas Mimosas


The only drink you need in your hand on Christmas morning.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Spice up your normal hot cocoa with some red wine. You’re gonna love it.

Whiskey Hot Chocolate

This drink will warm you up in no time.

Drunk Jack Frosties

Drunk Jack Frosties

Cheers to Jack Frost!

 Spiked Nutella Hot Chocolate

You need to get on this immediately.

Rumchata Egg Nog

Rumchata Egg Nog Vertical

A cup of holiday cheer!

Cran-Apple Sangria

Cranberry Sangria Vertical

Thought sangria season was over? Think again.