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How to Have a Successful Resident Event

Let’s face it, we’ve all been here. We plan for a big event that we think will be a huge success. We invest a lot of time, money, and effort into an event where well no one shows up. It stinks right? We get discouraged and start avoiding putting on resident events altogether or just sticking to the basic Taco Tuesday and Free Food Friday’s where you know residents will come.

But have you ever really thought about why that event may not have been successful? In today’s student housing market, it’s going to be hard to please everyone. But through understanding YOUR market you can begin to host events that fit into your community’s interest.

I have put together 5 keys to pulling off a successful resident event.

1.Know Your Community

While a concert on the lake sounds like an amazing event, that’s not going to work for every community geographically or demographically. Find out what your residents have in common. Do they like sports-centered or fitness geared events? Are they more into adventurous outdoor activities? Surveys or polls can help you identify their interests. Create a private Facebook Page only for residents of the community and really get to know one another and each individual’s interests. This is a simple way to give you a great understanding of how to provide the best possible customer service to your residents.

2.Advertise Wisely and Get the Word Out

Yes, it’s important to create flyers to post around the community, but it’s also important to interact with your residents to promote the event. Throughout the week or weeks leading up to the event give sneak peaks into the setup and planning to get residents excited. This could be through Instagram live stories or Snapchat stories.

3.Involve Residents in Planning

It has been said people place a higher value on things they help create. This goes for resident events as well. Seek out residents who may be interested in helping plan the event. Maybe they have insight into what they want to see in a successful event.

4.Take Lots of Photos and Video

We want every event to be Instagram worthy for residents! Use these photos and videos on your community’s social media channels. Remember, the higher quality the photos and videos the more likely the residents are to share them on their own channels.

5. Learn from Each Event

Maybe this event wasn’t the biggest or best. BUT, you can take the results from this event and learn for the next one. Take a post-survey to find out what residents liked or disliked and apply this feedback to your next event.

We hope this helps when it comes to planning your next big resident event! It is important that through every resident event we are attracting new residents, retaining old ones, and developing a positive reputation in the area. And remember, the more you put into the event, the more you will get out of it.

Talk Derby To Me

The Kentucky Derby is May 4th & 5th and even if you don’t know a thing about horse races, you can still throw a killer party in honor of this historic sporting event. Your residents will love this spring themed party, I mean who doesn’t want to break out their best hat, bow tie, and sip on mint juleps while watching horses run in a circle? Sound like something you want to try out at your community?

Here are some tips and a list of essentials to get started below!

The first step is to think about where you would host this event and how it fits into your community. Do you have a space that offers tv’s to watch the derby, but also enough space to entertain guests with food, drinks, and games.

A few spots come to mind:

  • Rooftop Deck-This would be my first choice especially if this space has TVs.
  • Clubhouse-Almost every community has a clubhouse where they host resident events. If you go this route, use greenery and roses to make this feel like an outdoor party.
  • Pool Deck-You could turn this into a pool party inspired event featuring your own Unicorn Float Races!

Here is a list of things you will need to pull off your very own derby party!

Shopping List:


Food & Drinks

*Most of the food can be catered, but get creative with it based on what your residents like. We do not expect you to make this food from scratch but do keep in mind a classic southern style menu when hosting this event and steer clear of the pizza party vibe. 

Keep in mind the aesthetics when putting together this and future events. The more you put into it the better return you will receive from your residents. We want every event to be an “Instagrammable” moment that your residents are proud to share!

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!


Color Dodgeball: Add Some Color To A Classic Event

Dodgeball is a fun event that is played at many student housing communities across the country. At Cardinal Group we look to take all of our events to the next level to create remarkable experiences. Dodgeball is no different. Color Dodgeball takes elements from a classic dodgeball game and the popular 5K Color Run to create an epic new event. During this event teams will play dodgeball but with paint-soaked balls! Keep reading to find out how you can pull this fun event on the cheap!

Basic Event Setup

This event can be done for as little as $125 with a basic setup (although we recommend you go for creating a remarkable experience with the Epic version). Find a grassy area at your community. It should be away from areas where balls could possibly break windows. Once you’ve selected your area use the spray chalk can to outline the play area. You can use THIS image as a guide but you can make your arena any size. Once the arena is set place 3 black buckets at the far boundary line of each side and fill with one color of chalk paint (don’t put all the paint in the buckets in case of an accidental spill). Participants will use these buckets to dip dodgeballs in during play. Either provide players with white t-shirts or ask them to come ready to play in their own white t-shirt. This will ensure the paint really pops on their clothing. Boom you’re all set up! Now just play a fun dodgeball tournament! Keep reading below to find out how you can amplify this event even more!

Epic Event Setup

First, read the setup instructions of the “basic event setup”. You’ll want to begin setup the same way. Once you’ve completed the basic setup it’s time to get EPIC! Setup you PA system and/or DJ at the center line but outside the court. This will provide a fun and lively atmosphere. Next, you’ll want to set up your black lights. These industrial strength black lights work best if they are mounted at a height of at least 6-8 feet from the ground and angled down slightly. Your area may have poles, trees, or other things that you can mount to to get this height. If you don’t have these luxuries you can have your maintenance team build an apparatus to mount to. One simple way to build this mounting mechanism is to buy some rebar from your local home improvement store and drive them into the ground about 2 ft. Next, buy an 8ft long 2×4 and affix it to the rebar using screws and metal straps. Your 2×4 should now be erect in the air with support from the rebar it is affixed to. Finally, secure the black light at the top of the 2×4 with a long screw. Plug in your black lights and you’re ready to glow (pun intended)! Of course, the blacklights will only work in the dark so this event will need to be held at night. Check out this video of an event using these industrial black lights and paint! Highlighters glow extremely bright under blacklights and are very cheap. Set out highlighters for your participants to decorate their shirts and bodies.This

You can take this epic event up one more notch by having your maintenance team help you build walls at the back of your court. Use tape to mask off a cool design on your wall and then set them up at each end of the court. At the end of your event remove the tape and you should have a cool piece of art! Check out this video to see an example.

Basic Event Item Purchase List

Epic Event Item Purchase List