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The Importance of Monitoring Your JTurner Dashboard and Ratings Tracker

The new lease term has now begun! Now is the time to start putting a big focus on the JTurner Dashboard and Ratings Tracker and really understanding how important it is to monitor these two platforms.

I think a lot of you may be a little confused with these portals and what each is used for and how to even use them. So check out the below for some tips!

A good online reputation starts with your residents. Your online reputation should be directly related to the reputation you have built offline with your residents. Embracing the Cardinal culture across all our communities and promoting a fun and enjoyable living environment for residents will in turn make them was to share their experiences online.

Ratings Tracker

Ratings Tracker is the reviews platform. You should login to this platform at least twice a week. Ratings Tracker is where all of your reviews across multiple sites feed into. You are able to respond to all reviews in one simple location and even have response templates to choose from. While these templates are in there, I suggest you only use these for guidance and really aim to personalize each response. Remember, the goal is to respond to each new review within 24-48 hours.

Where do I respond to the review/see all reviews?

Once logged into Ratings Tracker, you will see a menu on the left hand side. Click the “Details” tab and you will see all your reviews. You can filter by not responded, responded, or all.

Can I see what my current ORA Score is?

Yes! You can also see a 6 month running and your overall average ORA. To do this click the “Properties” tab on the left hand menu.

JTurner Dashboard

Managing and logging into your JTurner Dashboard everyday is more than just logging in to attend to “red alerts”. It is a useful tool that gives you so much insight as to what people are saying about your community, and literally it’s right at your fingertips, they are telling you all you need to know. I highly encourage you all to start taking a look at ALL surveys coming in both resident and prospect even if they didn’t request a contact. You will only further benefit your community and what is going well and what needs improvement when it comes to resident satisfaction and online reputation.

TALi (Resident Survey Overview)

As you guys know, 1/6th of your resident count is surveyed each month. These surveys monitor your resident satisfaction. The biggest takeaways from this survey that I think should be our biggest focus right now is:

– Interactions with community personnel
– The property is cleaned and well maintained (amenities, landscaping, common areas)
– The manager or someone from the staff knows who I am

Prospect Survey Overview

After every tour, a survey is sent out ot that prospect. They have the opportunity to tell us what they thought of the community, the value, amenities, the location, the staff, etc. The biggest takeaways from this survey that I think should be our biggest focus right now is:

– Greeting when entering the leasing office/felt comfortable with leasing agent
– The model, amenities, common areas, landscaping was outstanding