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How To Post To Craigslist In 2 Clicks

Craigslist is an important marketing avenue for the apartment industry. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to post an ad. An innovative tool called “Rooof” can save you and your team a ton of time by posting your Craigslist ads for you.

After installing an extension to your Chrome web browser you and your team can post Craigslist ads in as little as 2 clicks. Don’t believe me? Check out how easy it is to post in the video below.

In addition to saving a ton of time it offers the following benefits:

*Email reminders to post ads.
*Auto-renewed ads. This means your ads get top posted for you without you having to do a thing.
*Anti-ghosting measures.
*Over-posting protection.
*Easy reporting giving you credit for your ads.

Cardinal Group completed a small beta test with the product in the last month. Every on-site team involved in the beta test LOVED the ease of use and time saved with this product. It also increased the amount of leads produced for Craigslist at all communities.

What does it cost? $110 a month. How do you sign your community up? Contact your PSM! Have questions? Comment below or contact your PSM.