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10 Ways To Amp Up Your Housing Fair – Snapchat Filter Competition

This is the first in a series of posts on how you can help amp up your housing fair marketing.

Housing fairs are often a large line item on the marketing budget each year. You probably stock up on a few thousand dollars of promo items and give away a few hundred dollars away in gift cards. While getting leads by giving away gift cards isn’t inherently bad there may be a more creative, more memorable, and better brand building way to do it. The idea below not only captures leads but extends the value past the one-day event where only 1-5% of the student population shows up. Oh and you’ve probably never seen something like it before.

So what is this magical idea? The answer is a user generated Snapchat filter competition. Housing fair attendees would use colored pencils, markers, and crayons to design their own Snapchat filter on a piece of paper. Below the area they would create their design they would enter in their guest card info. Once they are finished the community would hang the filters up in their booth as displays of art to attract other people. Once the housing fair is over the team would scan all of the designs and upload them to Facebook where a week long contest would be held to have people vote for their favorite filter via likes and shares. The top 3 filter designs will be submitted to Snapchat to run for one to five days on campus. The filter with the most uses during that time period would win a gift card and Snapchat Spectacles.

This concept has several advantages over the typical promo giveaways and gift ard prizes seen at most housing fair tables:

  1. It allows more time for the prospect to interact with your team and brand. Instead of grabbing free promo stuff and leaving they will stick around at your booth for a few minutes allowing your team to get to know them and talk more about the community.
  2. It still collects lead info but in a much more interactive and memorable manner.
  3. This concept has the possibility to reach more than just the 1-5% of students that go to the housing fair. Through the Facebook voting contest and then the three live filters it has the potential to reach a much wider audience.

Ready to ditch the expensive, outdated, and poor return on investment things known as promo items? Contact your PSM to help you pull off this idea!

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