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Event Idea: Zombie Apocalypse Laser Tag

Halloween will be here before you know it! If you still need a unique event idea we’ve got you covered! Every event your community puts on should aim to be a unique and memorable experience and this event delivers. Below you’ll learn how to throw a zombie-themed laser tag at your community at a budget any and every community can afford!

To create this memorable experience we’ll need to set up an apocalyptic war zone for the laser tag event to take place. It is best to set this war zone up in an area that has clear boundaries so players know where the event takes place. The size of the space depends on the number of players you’ll have playing at once but in general, it shouldn’t be bigger than a football field. The location will also vary depending on what your community has to work with. Ideas include a level of a parking garage (cars should be removed to avoid potential damage), open or wooded area at the community, tennis or basketball court, or gymnasium.

Once you have selected your space clearly define where the play area will be. If you’re using a parking garage or fenced in basketball/tennis court this should be pretty easy. If you’re using an open area or wooded area you may want to buy something like caution tape to rope off the play area. Once the play area is defined you’ll want to set up obstacles and bases to give the space some dimension and avoid a bunch of people in an open space randomly shooting at each other. Because this is supposed to look like a war zone there are many items your community may already have that can be used as obstacles. Examples of great scene setting obstacles you may already have on-site are dumpsters, shuttle buses, pallets, large cardboard boxes, oil barrels, particle board, old fencing, large trash cans, folding tables propped on their sides, shopping cards, etc. In addition to things you find at the community you might want to buy additional things to set the scene like a fog machine, white sheets draped over a clothesline, body bags, strobe lights, blacklights, etc. The whole goal with your setup is to set the mood/scene as a zombie apocalyptic land and to give bases, bunkers, and objects to hide around. Use Pinterest as a resource to find DIY decorations ideas. You can also rent blow up bunkers HERE.

Now that the scene is set it is time to organize the games. In order to have an actual laser tag game, you’ll need laser guns! You can rent them HERE. This website has many different kinds of guns but we suggest the Battle Rifle ($35 per gun) but smaller budgets may only be able to afford Ultimate LTX ($16 per gun) or Hornet ($12 per gun). Depending on the size of the community and the size of the event you predict we’d suggest doing teams of 12 for 24 total guns. Setup the guns just outside of the play zone where the official will go over the rules and divide participants into teams. Rules will also depend on what type of game you want to play. There are several game types you can find outlined HERE.

That is a quick overview of the event. Below you’ll find more tips on how to create a better, more memorable experience.

  • Rent 3-4 industrial strength black lights HERE. Mount them up high (8′ or so) so they cover the most area possible. Cover obstacles in blacklight tape, provide highlighters to participants to draw on their skin, purchase glow sticks from a dollar store, and include other glow decor.
  • Source large cardboard boxes from retailers like furniture stores, appliance stores, etc. Or you can purchase cardboard boxes from Home Depot or ULine.com. You can stack and tape multiple boxes together to create a cheap and large obstacle/bunker. Go the extra mile and spray paint graffiti on the boxes to give it that apocalypse type feel.
  • Hang a clothesline, rope, or string on a section of your battlefield. Drape a large white sheet over from a thrift store or Walmart over this line. Get some red paint, dip hands in red paint, and put bloody handprints all over the sheet.
  • Head to a local tire shop and see if there are any completely used tires you can have for free.
  •  Hire a local makeup artist to do zombie makeup on attendees.
  • Use CIs or hire local people to dress up in zombie garb and randomly scare people during the game.
  • Create a Snapchat filter to run during the event.
  • Encourage attendees to post via social media and a particular hashtag for a chance to win haunted house tickets.
  • Partner with a local bar to sponsor a free keg at the community with an after party zombie crawl at their location.



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