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COMING SOON: “Yodel Boy” Renewal Campaign

This Renewal Season Cardinal Marketing is preparing to launch one of our BIGGEST campaigns yet!
We hired one of this year’s biggest viral stars, Yodel Boy (aka Mason Ramsey), to yodel in and around one of our apartment communities with the tagline “Yodel Worthy Apartments”.
We had Mason yodel new “songs” that have to do with renewing and signing new leases as well as funny skits throughout the amenity areas to create a series of around 5-7 videos total. This series of videos offers content for everyone (value, location, amenities, etc) and will allow us to extend the campaign for up to three months by releasing a fresh video, eblasts, photos, or gifs every 1-2 weeks.
In addition to the videos, we’d incorporate print versions of each video concept to post around the community, on packages, eblasts, etc.
Keep an eye out for this content coming very soon!!
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