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When Residents Eat Together They Renew Together

At Cardinal Group we call our apartment buildings “communities” for a reason. We strive to create an environment where neighbors not only know each other but spend time together. The entire reason we hold resident events is to bring residents together and create a true community vibe. By creating this community atmosphere residents are happier because they feel connected. This happiness ultimately translates to referrals and renewals making everyone’s jobs easier.

I challenge you when you think about your next MMP and what events to hold to think about how you can get residents interacting. If you do a monthly or weekly breakfast on the go I urge you to change that in favor of the idea below. Breakfast on the go (and other events like it) don’t bring residents together like our res life budgets should. I’d also urge you to try and create unique experiences during your events. Free pizza in the lobby, breakfast on the go, once a month trash valet, cookie decorating, etc. do not provide a unique experience. A blacklight pool party, concert, dining al fresco, beerlympics, and other similar events provide unique experiences that add more value to the overall event.

So how can you take what you saw in this video and create a great resident event? Well, it’s relatively simple and inexpensive.

  1. Setup tables in hallways, elevator lobbies on each floor, or other easily accessible common area. Hallways and elevator lobbies are likely your best bet as you’re more likely to get neighbors that are nearby to attend.
  2. Place table cloths on top of tables. Top table with a small flower arrangement, battery powered candles, and other small table decorations.
  3. Set out tables a few days ahead of the event and place a flyer that describes the event and a sign-up sheet for a potluck.
  4. On the day of the dinner in your hallway or elevator lobby bring by wine, bread, or a main dish for each table to enjoy during their potluck.
  5. Finally, add in a few table cards for ice breakers to help lead attendees into having conversations.

The first few times holding this event may start off slow. However, if you hold this event monthly, bi-weekly, or event weekly you’ll likely start to see attendance increase and have an event that becomes a staple at your community.