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Live Social Media Feeds

The most important thing you can do on social media is encourage residents and prospects to post about your community.  This is no easy task.  One way to encourage people to post about your community is through a live social media feed.  This feed can be setup to display photos and videos that are posted on social media with a certain hashtag.

Display this live feed at a large scale event and offer prizes for those that post with your hashtag.  The combination of the prize and seeing their photos displayed at the event should net you some great content!  Another idea is to have this feed displayed on your lobby TVs.  Your residents will want to see their photos up there!

So you are wondering if you can approve what goes up on the feed aren’t you?  The answer is yes!  There are options to require your approval before the post is pushed to the feed and/or you can retroactively remove any posts you do not want displayed.

So you’re ready to start your live feed?  Below are two great resources! If you have any questions or want help setting these up, don’t hesitate to contact the marketing team!